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This is my tutorial page including html,C++, and mugen tutorials.
HTML website tutorial one

The best way to start this is by using a text editor so if you make a mistake it will be saved on your computer.
With your text editor start with this


<html> is how you start
</html> is how you end it

each of those are tags. There is an opening and closing. Most, but not all have a closing tag. To close the script add / to the tag.
Everything in between <html> and </html> is the html document. Every html document needs a head tag


The title tag is inserted in the head tag


Give your document a title and write something in the body


Now save the document as whatever you like. To save click File then Save As. Make sure to save it as a .HTML extension. To see your page so far. click File on your browser and click Open File or whatever your browser says. The reason im writing this is because I have never seen a good HTML tutorial.

This is what it should look like

Congratulations You Have Just Made Your First HTML Document

How to make a mugen character part one definition

This is a tutorial using Fighter Factory. I do not know where to find Fighter Factory right know. I will try to update with a link to it.
First the Definition file. This is what it looks like I am using Mario as my character definition.

Character name

Character name in the game

Date of creation

Mugen version


Standard Pallete order
1,2,3,4 is the normal pallet order but for now use 1

SFF (the sprite file. Will be explained later)

SND (The sound file. Will be explained later)

AIR (The animation file. Will be explained later)

CMD (The command file. Will be explained later

CNS (Constants file. Will be explained later)

CNS (States file. Will be explained later)
CNS (Common file. Will be explained later)

ACT palletes (The color pallete. Will be explained later)

Extra States (You can ignore This)

INTRO (Will be explained later)

ENDING (Will be explained later)

Congratulations you made the def file for your character save in your characters folder.

How to make your own trading cards

first get a template. This was the template I used. This was made very fast so it might not look too good. When it's finished it will look good.

After getting a template add a pattern design or background to the design. Here is mine.

Now you can add a design to the inside spaces or leave it the same. Like this.

Now you can add the card sprite. I used Cloud.

You can add abilities and in the last box you can add effects. I have not added effects.

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